Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Immigration : Licensed Teacher JIS Not Troubled

South Jakarta Immigration Office said there was no problem with the licensing of teachers in kindergartens, Jakarta International School, Jakarta . Last week, Immigration entourage came to the school to check the licensing of teachers .

" The data intensive and there is no violation," said Principal Sexy Surveillance Anggi Wicaksono Kanim South Jakarta , Monday , 28 April 2014. It states across the early childhood teacher education category eligible to live and work while staying in Indonesia .
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 , Immigration Office to conduct operations at the school. For approximately two hours , the Immigration sorting data in the school. This examination is a response to the Immigration office on the JIS report that does not meet the licensing requirements of early childhood education promoted by the Ministry of Education and Culture . "It 's time we double check because there mencuatnya TK issue is illegal, " he said.

The Police did not ask for immigration permits to prevent teachers in the schools abroad. "If no why anything should be prevented , " said Metro Jaya Regional Police spokesman Comr Rikwanto .

Police have set six suspects in cases of sexual violence in the schools. Sixth is clean energy channeled by PT ISS Indonesia , the company employed alihdaya school . ( Read : Runtutan Time and Suspect Sexual Abuse in JIS )

According to the plan , the town would be calling the school policy . However , Rikwanto not confirm the inspection a number of teachers will be related to the sexual assault case . " We just want to know how the educational process and guiding there, " he said.


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