Thursday, March 13, 2014

BirdLife People's Choice Award - BirdLife’s

Results revealed today show that Manu (Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie: BirdLife in French Polynesia) has won a public vote to become the first BirdLife People’s Choice Award. However, celebrations were short-lived as new threats from invasive species and heavy rain threaten the last 10 breeding pairs in the world. (see also: obat burung)

“Looking back at 2013, there are so many achievements to highlight from within the BirdLife Partnership”, said Dr Hazell Shokellu Thompson - Interim Chief Executive of BirdLife International. “Congratulations to Manu for their work controlling invasive species in the Tahiti Monarch’s home range which enabled last year to be the best breeding season since they started their work sixteen years ago!”

Manu have been monitoring monarchs, controlling introduced predators such as rats and improving habitat for the Critically Endangered species since 1998. Manu’s award-winning work marries conservation education with cutting-edge science. Children raise native trees in their school’s tree nursery, volunteers plant the trees, and ecologists worked with volunteers to combats introduced species.

As a result last year saw the most successful breeding season on record; some pairs raised two broods, and double the number of chicks compared to previous seasons. The project forms part of the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme which is saving the world’s most threatened birds from extinction.

However, 2014 is bringing new threats, heavy rains have been battering Tahiti for the last fortnight posing a risk to fledglings as they leave the nest. Fire ants, capable of eating adults, chicks and eggs, within minutes, have been found on the edge of the Tahiti Monarch’s valley, while funds for the conservation work have dried up.

‘’These conditions are bad for the breeding birds”, warned Caroline Blanvillain from Manu. “Monarchs need continuous predator control to keep them safe, and if we don’t quickly eradicate the fire ant colonies they will reach the birds and kill them.’’

“We need to act now, the 10 breeding pairs are struggling to keep their nests safe. On Friday, eight chicks had survived the rain, now every chick needs to be given a chance against the rats and the ants. If we can raise enough funds we can make the forest safe for the fledglings.’’

In order to help tackle the threats to the Tahiti Monarch, BirdLife and Manu have launched an urgent appeal for funding. Together they need to raise £33,000 to ensure a safe 2014 breeding season. Please support the Tahiti Monarch urgent appeal. Your support can provide:
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£15 will run a rat baiting-station for the next three months as eggs hatch.
£30 will run a rat baiting-station for six months as chicks leave the nest for the first time.
£60 will run a rat baiting-station for a whole year so fledglings can mature in safety and return to the breeding sites next season to raise their own young.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Caring for Cats The Easy Way Angora Beloved

For you the pet lover , I will share tips and tricks about how Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Beloved Angora cat at home , especially for those of you who are beginners or new peratama his time memeliha one of the world's most expensive cat .
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 Caring for Cats Angora Beloved

There are several steps that need to be noticed in the care of the Angora cats are:

1 . Place or enclosure

To place his or enclosure please place it in a safe and comfortable that you care Angora cats are not bothered and do not feel uncomfortable in his retreat , and if we want to make it by using wood sbaik bok or her make that little bit Besarab her cats that inhabit it feels good and comfortable .

2 . Feeding and drinking

In feeding her special food cat please give just as pastries etc. , but do not love cake in suggest that canned because, according to some experts cake tin was not good for his long-term , and one thing to note in this feeding that is not to provide food that is not for cats because it will have an impact on the growth of its fur . And the provision of drinking water do not give her raw , at my suggestion to give him water that is ripe .

3 . Giving Vaccinations

This vaccine is very important to do, because for the sake of keeping things that are not on or expect an essentially that your pet Angora cat maintained its kesahatan , and bisakan asked the doctor how where the rules of the vaccine , because her regular doctor will advise on give the vaccine again later .

4 . Nursing Affairs (see also: pakan burung cendet)

Outside of the treatment in his intent is to wash and take care of her fur yng dense and soft it because if it is not in its usual comb its fur will clot and will natinya difficulty combing her and it should be done regularly , at least every shower was its fur the comb neatly .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gold Prices Gain on Global Markets, Domestic Down

Gold futures edged higher at the close of trading Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange , United States . A stronger gold price since the signal attenuation in the service sector and other private sector , which affects the February jobs report as a result of extreme weather .
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On the other hand , as quoted from page MarketWatch , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , the easing of tensions in Ukraine inhibit the rise in gold futures prices .

Gold futures for April delivery rose a modest U.S. $ 2.40 ( 0.2 per cent ) to U.S. $ 1,340.30 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange . Meanwhile , the price of silver futures closed up 5 cents ( 0.2 per cent ) to U.S. $ 21.27 per ounce .

Previously , at the close of trading on Tuesday , gold futures prices lost more than half kelonjakan closing price on Monday , due to decreased tension in Ukraine that prompted investors to sell gold and get back into the stock market .

The domestic market

Meanwhile , domestically , Processing and Refining Business Unit Precious Metals PT Antam Tbk reported gold bullion price on the day the transaction is moving negative .

The price of gold bullion Antam sold Rp548.000 to the size of one gram or lower than the level of Rp 4,000 trade Rp552.000 on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 .

Gold size 5 grams removed at Rp2.595.000 , Rp5.140.000 size 10 grams , 25 grams Rp12.775.000 size , size Rp25.500.000 50 grams , 100 grams and the size is sold Rp50.950.000 .

Size of 250 grams Gold prices were capped at 500 grams and measures Rp127.250.000 reach Rp254.300.000 .( see also: lomba burung merpati kolongan )

The purchase price (buyback ) today Antam's gold capped at Rp488.000 per gram or down compared to the level of Rp 4,000 Rp492.000 per gram of the previous trading