Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gold Prices Gain on Global Markets, Domestic Down

Gold futures edged higher at the close of trading Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange , United States . A stronger gold price since the signal attenuation in the service sector and other private sector , which affects the February jobs report as a result of extreme weather .
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On the other hand , as quoted from page MarketWatch , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , the easing of tensions in Ukraine inhibit the rise in gold futures prices .

Gold futures for April delivery rose a modest U.S. $ 2.40 ( 0.2 per cent ) to U.S. $ 1,340.30 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange . Meanwhile , the price of silver futures closed up 5 cents ( 0.2 per cent ) to U.S. $ 21.27 per ounce .

Previously , at the close of trading on Tuesday , gold futures prices lost more than half kelonjakan closing price on Monday , due to decreased tension in Ukraine that prompted investors to sell gold and get back into the stock market .

The domestic market

Meanwhile , domestically , Processing and Refining Business Unit Precious Metals PT Antam Tbk reported gold bullion price on the day the transaction is moving negative .

The price of gold bullion Antam sold Rp548.000 to the size of one gram or lower than the level of Rp 4,000 trade Rp552.000 on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 .

Gold size 5 grams removed at Rp2.595.000 , Rp5.140.000 size 10 grams , 25 grams Rp12.775.000 size , size Rp25.500.000 50 grams , 100 grams and the size is sold Rp50.950.000 .

Size of 250 grams Gold prices were capped at 500 grams and measures Rp127.250.000 reach Rp254.300.000 .( see also: lomba burung merpati kolongan )

The purchase price (buyback ) today Antam's gold capped at Rp488.000 per gram or down compared to the level of Rp 4,000 Rp492.000 per gram of the previous trading


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