Monday, April 28, 2014

Yusril: The Declining Quality pileg

Chairman of the Shura Council Star Party Yusril Ihza Mahendra said he was disappointed in the conduct of legislative elections in 2014 because of fraud happening everywhere .

" Buying and selling voice , voice cannibalism of one party to the other party . I assume it is democracy that is run on a nation with quality like this , " said Yusril Ihza Mahendra after attending a " Presidential Finding People Desire " in Jakarta , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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According to him , democracy in Indonesia is really determined by the money , even though on the surface there are elections and democracy .
He was deeply concerned that many people are happy to relevant percentage of votes political parties . " And behind it all is actually money that play . If such is going to where the nation forward , because I still, I did not say anything after the election , " he said .

He considered the election is now worse than the 2009 elections because of violations. " I think the elections quality decline , I think it's great the 1955 election and 1999 , after the electoral decline , and is determined by money . So , it was not for his ideology , " he said .

Related coalition of Islamic parties , he expressed no Islamic and nationalist party , for him there is only party that has the money and the party did not have any money . " There is money , wrote a ghost party can win , " he said .

Nevertheless , he accepted his party 's defeat as a reality . ' Lost ' real ' or due to the electoral system , I accept defeat as a reality , "he said .

Yusril also said he would not move to a bigger party . " Call me to go to another party had always been there , but I still do not want to , I still hold fast to idealism , " he said .


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