Friday, April 18, 2014

Tips to Clean Junk Files on Android

One of the things that cause the Android smartphone running the command is slow in the remaining memory capacity is already tight , especially if a lot of applications pre-installed from the manufacturer .

There are several applications that can be used to clean the file " junk " in the smartphone so that the internal storage capacity becomes more relieved . Thus , the smartphone can run tasks faster without having to do the rooting .

Rooting an Android smartphone or tablet device does provide freedom which applications can run , or move it to an external memory . However , sometimes rooting also lead to missing the manufacturer warranty .

The solution , to make the internal storage becomes more spacious , is deleting files " junk " that are not used anymore , such as downloading files or cached data is stored .

To do so , the following are applications that can be used .

ES File Explorer - To manage which files are to be stored and removed , as the downloaded file , email , and other sources , the file manager can be used , such as ES File Explorer . This application is also integrated with popular cloud storage services , such as Google Drive , Dropbox , and more .

In addition to deleting files , users can also backup these files to a cloud storage service site earlier . Especially for photo files or video pity if removed .

If not , the user can move the photo data or videos to external storage by transferring files to your PC or laptop .
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1 Tap Cleaner and Clean Master - Application 1 Tap Cleaner can also be used to delete the cached files that are not used anymore . The cached files will continue to accumulate if not cleaned , especially if the smartphone has a variety of applications . Similar applications that can be tried is the Clean Master .


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