Thursday, April 17, 2014

Suspected UFO Objects Appear in British Sky

WARWICKSHIRE - A teenager Georgina Heap , documenting a mysterious ring-shaped black object with a cell phone that looks at the sky Warwickshire , England .

Heap said the mysterious ring -shaped object was seen on top of the building Leamington Spa for three minutes before disappearing .

Firefighters said that there was no fire at the time and in charge of the Met Office weather problems in the UK also said that the weather at the time of the strange object appears very good .

" It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen , " said Heap , as quoted Reddit , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 )

" I kept wondering what it was . strange thing was just floating there like a cloud and then disappeared . There were about ten people who also saw it , "said teenager 16 years .
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Experts Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO ) , Nick Pope said , that it was really weird maybe it was just a smoke ring .

" One other possibility is a flock of bees or insects in flight , but I 've never heard of insects behave in this way before , " said Pope .

As is known , the discovery of this mysterious object shaped ring baffled experts and Britons .

However , some users of social networking , Reddit claim to have an explanation for this unique phenomenon . They say that it is actually just a smoke ring generated from Warwick Castle .

" My friend works there and they often make an event Trebuchet Show where they shoot a big fireball and smoke that happen to form a ring , " wrote one Reddit user .


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