Sunday, April 20, 2014

No sympathy from the North Korean Ferry Disaster Related

Pyongyang - major incident engulfing South Korea to invite sympathy and condolences from around the world . But there is a neighboring country and no matter who remained indifferent to the tragedy experienced by South Korea , which North Korea .

There was absolutely no sympathy from North Korea against South Korea over the sinking of a ferry Sewol . North Korean authorities also issued a no comment at all for the tragedy , which in recent days dominate the global mass media . Similarly, as reported by AFP on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .
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About 45 heads of state have sent a message of condolence to South Korea , including U.S. President Barack Obama , Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping . But there was no word of a North Korean leader Kim Jong Un .

Media Korean Central News Agency ( KCNA ) reported activity even Kim Jong Un who is enjoying performances famous female band called Moranbong Band on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) night . News about the incident in South Korean ferry had just discussed a little in the KCNA news broadcast on Saturday ( 19/4 ) yesterday . Just mentioned that the incident killed many people .

KCNA quoted the South Korean media that highlights the anger of victims' families the rescue operation and search for survivors ship sank . The only comment in the broadcast delivered KCNA with advise South Korean government to bear the pain and anger families of the victims .

During this time , South Korea and North Korea are technically at war like . Some incidents , such as the missile test by North Korea exacerbating tensions between the two countries . When father Kim Jong Un , Kim Jong Il died in December 2011 , the South Korean government officially expressed condolences to North Korea .

North Korea indifferent attitude towards the South Korean ferry tragedy has sparked public anger South Korean online . " We do not expect any support from the bad people like you , but at least you could say a few soothing words , " wrote a South Korean Internet users on the site .

" The whole world offered condolences to the victims , but what do the North ... it is very reprehensible . Be a man! " wrote one other internet users .


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