Monday, April 14, 2014

MH370: Drone reduced as quickly as possible

" Ocean Shield which carries the signal search tool will stop looking for these days . The vessel will deploy unmanned underwater vehicle as soon as possible .
We have not detected any of the signals in the last six days .

So I think it 's time to lower the sea , "said Angus Houston , MH370 aircraft search coordinator in a press conference in Perth , Australia .

Normal life span of a battery is generally the plane's black boxes to 30 days . The MH370 aircraft has now been missing for 38 days .
Operating 20 hours
Search team believes MH370 Click the black box is about 1,550 kilometers northwest of Perth .

According to Houston , Bluefin 21 will enable the search team to create a map of the seabed sonar considering no longer detectable signal . Cookware made ​​in the United States will be operated for 20 hours a day .
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Bluefin 21 has a length of 4.93 meters and weighing transporting 750 kilograms sonar trackers . Devices that can operate at a depth of 4,500 meters below sea level .


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