Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Fix Image Hard Work

Company Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive (CEO), Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, on Monday, April 7, 2014, said it continues to work hard to restore the image of MAS after hit by the crisis. Due to the loss of one of their fleet with flight number MH370, MAS is predicted to experience substantial losses.

These events add to the deterioration of the MAS in the last three years has been a loss, as reported by Channel News Asia on Monday. Ahmad admitted MH370 aircraft loss due to the crisis, there will be a decrease in ticket booking.

Therefore, the public began to ask about the neighbor country's airline safety. Not to mention, they also have to spend substantial funds to pay financial compensation to the families of passengers.

"First and foremost, this event clearly has affected the airline," Ahmad said while giving a press conference in Kuala Lumpur daily.

He went still much work to be done. "These is a clear need to work together to get out of the crisis," he added.

Genesis loss MH370 aircraft, which until now has not been found reported extensively throughout the world. It was, obviously be bad for imaging airline disaster that had always been in the ranks of the safest in the world.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ahmad admitted that there was a decline in ticket sales for Malaysia Airlines. However, he described it as something natural.

"The airline needs to take up to six months to recover from the problem that we call the market reputation. Fact, we intend to fix it more quickly," said Ahmad.

Unfortunately, he did not explain further the extent to which the crisis MH370 financial effect on sales or government-owned airline that neighbor country.

When asked on Monday whether he would resign immediately as the highest lead, Ahmad replied not want to resign. "I personally think I still have to work here," he said.

According to the analyst the cause of MAS losers apart due to poor governance in the company, as well as too much government meddling. Not to mention, the amount of labor that is swollen and stubborn attitude of the unions to change, make the airline less competitive than other airlines.

During this time, said analysts, who make the airline survive only financial support from the investment entity owned by the Government of Malaysia. They have a 70 percent stake in MAS.
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Their nominal predicted losses will be higher, because one of the law firms based in the United States is planning to sue the MAS and Boeing with the fantastic nominal RM4, 95 billion or Rp17 trillion.

Whereas previously the company has announced in the year 2013 yesterday, they lose money worth RM1, 17 billion. The value was higher than that predicted by the analysis. While in 2011 and 2012, they lose RM2, 5 billion and RM433 million.


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