Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Missing Contact Malaysia Airlines New Aircraft Knowingly After 17 Minutes, Search Officially Started 4 Hours Later"

Initial reports about the disappearance owned Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which released the Government of Malaysia on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) stipulating that the officer did not realize the air control tower had lost contact for 17 minutes . Handling of the situation on Saturday ( 08/03/2014 ) early days it was just taken four hours later .

On page 3 of the document is a copy of the pages cited CNN , noted that the last contact with the aircraft control tower Malaysian occurred at 01:21 local time . Then , the report said that air traffic authorities asked the absence of a new Vietnam " displacement " of communication from the plane at 1:38 pm local time .
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Signed a five- page report on April 9, 2014, enclosing several other documents , including data on cockpit conversation with the control tower , cargo aircraft , and the placement of the passenger seat . Included also some satellite images associated flight plans Boeing 777 - 200ER 's .

In a report last month has been first submitted to the international civil aviation organization ( ICAO ) , the search is also acknowledged that the emergency actions of the new Malaysian government officially activated at 05.30 local time .

The plane lost contact while in transition airspace from Malaysia to Vietnam . Inside the plane there are 329 people , with the majority of Chinese citizens .

On the same day as the publication of the initial report , Malaysia Airlines stated immediately cease the provision of facilities for family of passenger aircraft , both in Beijing , China , and Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . Dismissal facility will begin on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) and at the latest before May 7, 2014 .

In addition , Malaysia Airlines also stated immediately submit initial compensation to the families of the passengers . Value of the initial compensation was not mentioned .


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