Monday, May 19, 2014

Zamzam Water forger sentenced to 2.6 Years Prison

H Talib ( 58 ) , Independent Director CV Ebin Talib who was also accused counterfeiter convicted criminal Zamzam water product of two years and six months in prison . The judge read out the verdict in Semarang District Court on Monday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Tholib found guilty because as the owner has memprodulsi fake Zamzam over USD 200 million . The defendant also did not have a business license in accordance with the industry Industry Act .

" The defendant also could not show the industrial license . Moreover , defendant also never reported the development of the industry to the Department of Commerce or the relevant agencies , " said Budi Santiarto Dwiarso chief judge in the trial .
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Ebin Talib CV Company was founded in 2011 and operates in Hamlet Sebumi Polaman Village , District Mijen Semarang . Turnover reached billions of dollars . Distribution of fake Zamzam water was also penetrated other regions such as East Java , Central Java and Jakarta .

Mode is used actors to make fake Zamzam water by taking water from the bottom of the soil under the house . He made exactly like the original packaging so that people believe and think it's genuine Zamzam water is produced from Saudi Arabia , so that the relevant benefit .

Zamzam water is obtained through manipulation because the defendant had gained experience working in Buksan , Saudi Arabia and as a cleaning service at King Abdul Aziz Airport , Jeddah , for 30 years . From there came the idea to create a fake Zamzam . For this reason, the judges unanimously declared Tholib conclusion deliberately violated the provisions of Article 24 ( 1 ) of Law No. 5 of 1984 on Industry .

At its discretion , Dwiarso said there was no justification could acquit the defendant of the law. The judge did not consider Talib crazy or memory loss that can abort penalty . Only consideration polite , and never regretted it becomes peringan punished .

" While ballast because the defendant did not support the industry, " he said .

Based on this decision , Talib confusion determine attitude . He chose to advance thinking for 7 days.


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