Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anticipation of Ramadan, Government Back Beef Imports

The Ministry of Commerce will open the tap beef imports , following the lack of supply of the commodity to meet the needs during Ramadan .

So far , the Ministry of Commerce to prepare 170,000 head of cattle to meet the needs of the meat during Ramadan , or the equivalent of 27,000 tons of beef .

In fact , the needs of the meat reaches 40,000 tons per month . Thus , the supply can not meet demand , and imports into the main road to meet them .
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" That was planned to be cut during the month of June, and early July to supply Ramadan , and Eid , numbering around 170,000 individuals. This would be equivalent to approximately equal to 27,000 tons of meat . Will be 16,000 tons of meat will be met from imported meat , " said Bayu Krisnamukti , Vice Minister of Commerce , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

He explained that currently in place already provided 162,000 cattle feedlot cattle . Later , that number will increase with the cow that will go in June before Ramadan around 104,000 birds.

" In place of cattle , 162,000 already available . Which will enter , during June , before Ramadan , will reach 104 thousand head . To supply June and early July , " he said .

Wamendag said , the need is greatest meat in the week before Ramadan and the first week of Ramadan . According to him , the increase in meat consumption can go up to 30-40 per cent .

" Most of it is the week before Ramadan and the first week of Ramadan , the highest consumption . Usually rises to 30-40 percent of normal , " he said .


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