Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flourishing Motor Vehicles, Fuel Imports Remain High

Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) Indonesia 's trade balance reported last month March 2014 saw a surplus of 673.2 million U.S. dollars . However , oil and gas trade balance was a deficit of 1.363 billion U.S. dollars .

In response, an economist Ryan Kiryanto looked trade surplus driven non-oil exports are relatively increased . Therefore , in some countries have seen economic growth recovery .

" In some foreign countries already growing , for example, in the Japanese economy to grow , despite a slowdown in China but grew 7.5 percent in the first quarter , and in the USA ( States) continue to grow even a little , about 0.1 percent and in Europe some ( countries ) have escaped from the crisis , " Ryan said in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) .
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Ryan explains , these countries is a goal Indonesian non-oil commodity exports . In addition , the tightening of monetary and fiscal policy to help suppress the non-oil imports . But unfortunately , oil and gas trade balance recorded a deficit due to higher imports of fuel oil ( BBM ) .

" But unfortunately the import of fuel remain high due to the number of two- and four -wheeled vehicles increased . Import of fuel can not be detained . Which can be arrested is a non-oil imports , " he said .

BPS reported a trade deficit due to oil and gas to crude oil trade deficit of 547 million U.S. dollars . In addition , the trade deficit from oil well 2,035 billion U.S. dollars .


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