Friday, May 23, 2014

Two Bombs Explode Back in Islamabad, 1 Killed

Two bombs exploded in the Pakistani capital , Islamabad , on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) . The explosion killed one security guard and wounding several others .

The first explosion happened around 02:00 pm in the area of ​​the shopping center close to the city center .

" A guard was killed in the hospital , he was very badly injured and could not survive . Guards are both being managed , " said Hafiz Hussain , a senior police officer .

Local television footage showed glass and tree branches littered the streets .
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Hafiz said , is not yet clear whether the blast was a suicide bomb .

There has been no claim of responsibility, but the blast occurred three days after air strikes by the Pakistani military against the militants in the restive region near the border with Afghanistan . In this attack , at least 75 people were killed .

Mohammad Ali , another police officer said that the second bomb was in a car .

" The explosion came from a small powered cars . Blast destroyed the car , but no one was hurt , " he said .

The second explosion occurred about half an hour after the first explosion in different places .

Twin bomb blast was the first after a bomb blast occurred in fruit and vegetable market , last April , which killed 22 people . The blast occurred in the last three months where peace talks between the government and the Tehreek - e - Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) showed no progress since it began in February .


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